I also like this video, but it’s very dramatic…I don’t know if I could even try it. But the final look its amazing!

Best contour and highlight video I’ve ever seen!

* Let each coat dry completely befpre applying a new one.
* Use acetate to put only one drop of black nails polish because it dries very fast.
*Apply a base nail polish to protect your nails.
*If your hands shake this is the perfect nail art for you! Since you will need to draw irregular black lines your shaky hand would help a lot. My left hand shakes every time and becausr of that I got a better result on my.right hand.

I would post everything I used :)

Leopard nails

Purple smokey eyes

Neon nails

when they are dry repeat the first step…cut the tape forming a triangle, paste it on your nails and apply the purple polish. I always wait until it is reaaaaaaallyyy dry before removing the tape

making of…

the making of…